liquidoranges STUDIO, LLC
Laminated Architectural Art Glass and Original Artworks
How does an artist "explain" their thought process? Why should they, after all, is it not the end result that provides such an explanation? If we have to explain our process, does it not really indicate that we "have to" otherwise the meaning is lost? Is art the same as architecture, where explanation is required to ensure programmatic compliance? No. I don't think so. My art is here for you. It stands on its own. My thinking however, is occasionally brought into question by those who cannot imagine what I imagine. And, I want them to see what I see. And what I see is a moving reality affected by my own humanity, my own beliefs about purpose, existence, and value. My inner world is probably very much different than most.

These works you've seen before, and if you attended our open house in April 2009, you saw this segment woven into a longer video. I have extracted it and replayed it here because of all the writings, notes and videos to date, I think it is the best attempt yet at capturing my thought process and my feelings toward my work. Some of these works are nearly fifteen years old now. The signal I receive from them is still valid. So, they stay. They continue to live on.
Content, not commodity…
Reese Schroeder
Awards event at the Providence Art Club: 3rd Place High Honors for artwork "082415 - Metabolic Transformation"
Studio Concept video, produced in 2008 for the opening of liquidoranges STUDIO.
2013 Providence Art Club exhibition; "020210 From the Left" selected from over 600 artists across the USA.
Our original collection of hand-woven art rugs, produced exclusively for us in Kashmire by Anwar Pandith based on our New Media artworks.
Our first open house at the Boston Design Center, hosted by Pandith's Rugs showroom. April, 2009. An interview with Reese Schroeder.