film applied glass prototype
2009 Open House glass panel.
Hand tufted rug designed by Reese Schroeder
2009 DomoTex show in Dubai, UAE. liquidoranges world premiere art rugs.
Reese, the piece you created is amazing…
Client, Executive Director January 2018
After decades of practicing architecture, life opened the door and gave me the right moment to open my own creative studio. Liquidoranges STUDIO opened in 2008, working to create something out of nothing. Unrelentingly influenced by the geometric rigors of architecture, I looked back on my last twenty years of artworks, essentially representing a stream of growth-consciousness-experimentation, and I listened to respected colleagues who said I needed to do something with my art. Opening the studio was the first leap toward exploring what it meant to me to make something of my art.

I began developing architectural product concepts from my electronic artwork, studying how art could be interpreted as functional items while protecting the integrity of the art. These concepts began with hand woven rugs, fine china, metalcraft, lighting fixture designs, etc. The liquidoranges STUDIO World Premiere presentation of my art rugs in Dubai, UAE, at the 2009 Domotex UAE show where I was invited to speak at the Designer's Lounge, was a moment to present how a symbiotic relationship between artist and weaver could work.

Working with weavers from Amsterdam and Kashmir, art rug concepts were presented as prototypes in 2009 at the Boston Design Center where liquidoranges held an Open House event. At the Open House I also displayed a large sheet of glass with an artwork of mine applied as a film, as a way of integrating art with architecture in a real, physical way. The film was not successful as it was exposed to damage, and was ultimately not as optically clear as was hoped, but a lot of excitement was generated by the idea of being able to create a permanent artwork in glass that could be incorporated into architecture and interiors. A partner of mine in the glass business at that time proposed laminating the artwork between glass, as an architectural safety glass. After much testing and some failures along the way, a successful series of test panels were produced and presented in November 2009 at Build Boston, the architectural trade show promoted by the Boston Society of Architects, and at NeoCon 2010 included in the Best of Show event.

By 2013 I was busy in the Studio with multiple glass projects around the US and internationally. The studio won five 2013 ADEX awards, four platinum and one silver, for laminated art glass products. My artwork “From The Left” also received recognition at the 2013 PAC national juried exhibition curated by the Rhode Island School of Design museum curator.

In 2016 Michael Rose with the Providence Art Club invited me to submit a work for the "Color" national juried exhibition at the PAC, juried by Dominic Molon, Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Out of 750 works submitted from around the USA, 65 were selected for the exhibition. Five Honorable Mentions, four Named Awards, and four Top Awards, my work originally created for an art glass project entitled "082415 - Metabolic Transformations" received the "Antonio Cirino" Award.

While architecture continued to pull me in different directions, my path forward became clear in my art. I should not reject the formalism of architecture as an influence, but accept it and let it be the catalyst for inspiring new works, where the geometric mathematics of rigidity gives way to expression without need for conformity. No rules. This moment was pure liberation from the disciplined approach to the spiritual, conceptual language of art. As I transition away from architecture, I focus exclusively on the influences over the past forty years as the starting point for exploring the stories untold, out from under the shadows of our built environment.

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