Reese Schroeder - Selected Works, 1st Ed. is now published and available through Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

A curated collection of electronic paintings exploring the relationship between architecture and art.

Artist Statement
The influences of architectural forms and spaces as art is the foundation of my work as I see art evolving harmoniously from the formalism of design, delineating spaces and defining dynamic geometries as the basis for artistic experimentation. 

Where architectural expression ends, my pursuit of pattern language begins, pulling and pushing beyond the box as a deeper exploration of elements. The work is inspired from the impact of physical forms, their responses to surroundings, defined through my artist’s eye toward translation of those forms as patterns.  Fundamental to all that we see, hear and do, patterns provide structure to our ability to see and feel the emotionalism of creative abstraction.

My work seeks to influence how design pattern concepts evolve into greater artistic expression.   Predictable elements reinforce the visualization of transposing the rigidity of architecture into a modern art form, validating how these creative forces interrelate, inspiring further examination of how linear forms are the foundation for true nonlinear expression.

The work is a technology art electronically painted on the computer working with a variety of software and hardware.  From a blank screen I begin by exploring elements, textures, and lines visualized and invented in the moment.  Electronic media allows mixing both raster and vector components in layers where I manipulate the attributes of each for different reactions within a work. Pure vectors and pure geometries are in contrast to the rasterized fragmentation of everything around them, creating the structural tension between linear and nonlinear experimentation in the work. Finished works are produced as archival pigment prints on fine art papers and as dye-sublimation transfer to aluminum sheet.

art glass sculpture made from laminated glass.
Integrating with architectural forms, responding to the human experience within spaces, light is allowed to pass through this glass for a luminescent work, projecting colors on adjacent surfaces. Art becomes magic as it interactively transforms interiors throughout the day, helping to replenish our spirit through its unique visual language.
Hand tufted art rug based on Reese Schroeder artwork.
Art as destination. Art embracing us and conveying new meanings, the hand made rug is the merging of old world craftsmanship with new world technologies as special moments. These rugs evolve from artworks on paper, conveyed to hand weavers through a language of Elements, Textures, and Lines. They are truly unique, working, signed works of art.
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