Laminated Art Glass and Electronic Artworks for Architecture

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Reese Schroeder - Selected Works, 1st Ed. is now published and available through Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

A curated collection of electronic paintings exploring the relationship between architecture and art.


Residential laminated art glass mounted to wall
Original Artworks In Glass for Collectors
Wall Mounted Art Panel, Private Residence, MA


laminated art glass door with sunlight coming through
Art Glass for Entrances…
Signature Corporate Entrance, Cranston, RI


laminated art glass wall in dormitory
Art Glass for Institutional…
Mills Hall, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN


Art glass concepts in retail with spa atmosphere
Art Glass for Retail…
Whole Foods Market, Ink Block, Boston, MA


Decorative art glass LED backlit panels
Art Glass for Hospitality
Illuminated Art Glass Panels


Decorative laminated art glass sliding doors
Art Glass for Interiors
Glass Panels for Noteborn USA Door System


24x48 tempered glass panel floor
Art Glass for Flooring Integration
24x48 3-Lam in Specialty Raised Flooring system


Art glass screen in hospital lobby
Art Glass for Health Care
St. Elizabeth's, Edgewood, KY 3-panel screen.


LED Illuminated art glass panels on aluminum frames for wall hanging
Custom LED art glass panels
12x72 Pair Art Glass Panels, Private Residence, Palm Springs, CA


Privacy screens of laminated art glass panels
Art Glass Cable Suspension Partitions
Private Corporate Client
It starts here.

The desire to find something profoundly different from everything else. liquidoranges STUDIO is that place where we produce many things for many clients, where the origins are born out of art. Not just any art or graphic, but an art form generated by the artist and executed by the computer; an electronic art. A technology art that lends itself to so many products for architecture and interiors, as well as for the collector. We all know that art is a language with many meanings, but clearly it speaks to all of us in unique ways that captivate and hold us. This is artwork that works for a living.
Incorporating art into architectural glass for interiors represents a successful process for integrating art with architecture. Artworks become more structural, more functional, more purposeful. It is our passion to pursue art in architecture, less about ornamentalism and much more about tangential relationships between architecture and people, as art glass walls, doors, counter tops, ceilings, and furniture.
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