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"Summer" - 24x28 archival pigment on canvas.
Upcoming Events and Exhibitions:
- I have joined the Sammy Zelcer Gallery in the Perez Arts District, Cathedral City, CA, May, 2024

- I have signed a contract with the City of Rancho Mirage to exhibit 20 artworks within the Library and Observatory from June through August 2024

- I will post upcoming events here.
I Am A Digital Painter
Creating art using computers and graphical software is often referred to as “digital art”. I’ve always felt that term suggested the computer was participating in the art, contrary to my process. My artwork is the result of my traditional watercolor and acrylic painting technique as adapted to the computer. The work I do today has transitioned from how I used to paint with liquid medium, building up layer upon layer of color using various techniques with brushes, now utilizing computer software allowing me to create on screen, layer by layer.

For me, applying liquid paint to canvas is a commitment I found limiting, as I continually study, examine and contemplate how shapes, patterns and colors may be interpreted differently, and how their interactions with colors on other layers can change the personality of the work. Since 1988, I have created exclusively as a digital painter exploring color-form relationships to realize my ideas, as my processes and my creative vision.

The computer exists within my process as the canvas, brushes, and paint. I ask nothing more of the digital side except to continue to allow me opportunities to study the fundamental elements of form and pattern, color and light in various ways. My works are the result of conceptual experimentation of these elements, each reacting with the other, as a fluid composition where there are no commitments until every aspect of every visual element and it’s attributes are considered.
My Artworks:

I create my original artworks painted using digital technologies realized as archival pigment prints on fine art stretched canvas and cold-press museum paper, and occasionally as dye-sublimation transfer to aluminum sheet.

Similar to the photographer's original negative, each artwork printed from my digital file is considered an original work.

NO artificial intelligence software is ever used.

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