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June 2017
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Reese Schroeder in Dubai, signing his art rug 111600 at DomoTex 2009.
Reese Schroeder grew up in a hyper-creative environment, with both his father and mother as college professors of music. From early childhood Reese was exposed to a rich artistic cultural life, with his father's cutting edge experimental electronic music and his mother's classical operatic work. From 1965 through 1977 Reese spent summers studying music and art at Interlochen (NMC) in Michigan where his parents both taught. The early pursuit of logic among chaos led Reese to study architecture at Texas Tech University, College of Engineering, where he tested his belief in merging art with architecture, studying art and film in addition to the core curriculum.

From 1988 through 2021, Reese practiced as an architect with prestigious firms in Boston and Dallas, expanding his creative thinking through formalism with his pursuit of New Media Art, using computers as his canvas for painting. Recognized early in 1996 for his New Media works on the computer by The University of Texas at Dallas, Reese gave a dedicatory talk at the opening of UTD's New Media Arts Lab. The following year, he was invited to the Board of Advisors for New Media at UTD.

2008 brought significant opportunity as Reese stepped down from his director position as Lead Architect for a major Boston architectural firm to open his studio. liquidoranges STUDIO, LLC vision was to integrate art with architecture through product design. Reese developed a process of interpretive dialogue working with traditional weavers to create hand tufted New Media designed rugs. He was invited to be a keynote speaker at DomoTex Middle East, 2009, in Dubai, UAE where he presented his processes for creating artworks on the computer and conveying to weavers around the world the essence, detail, and soul of his art as woven into art rugs. His work in digital glazing fine bone china from his electronic artwork files produced four prototypes premiered in Atlanta in 2010 at the AmericasMart show. Working with an evolving laminated glass process, he began incorporating artworks into architectural art glass. Since 2021 Reese devotes his creative life as a digital painter, producing archival pigment signed museum prints, fine art canvas and as dye-sublimation on aluminum. His artworks are on display in public and private collections, and he continues to submit new works to juried exhibitions.
Reese Schroeder is listed on the Techspressionist Visual Artist Index
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Reese Schroeder

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