An Architect as an Artist
Reese Schroeder AIA is a registered architect in Massachusetts, USA , a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Boston Society of Architects, with 38 years in the profession.
Art and architecture are inseparable. They are everything to me and I am committed to preserving their harmonious integration.
Reese Schroeder, AIA
liquidoranges president Reese Schroeder
Reese Schroeder (right) with client
The STUDIO idea began in 2001 as more and more architects, academics, and colleagues' messages to Reese Schroeder were aligning into a singular theme, to take these artworks created on computers and build from them. So many people have contributed to formulating the STUDIO concept. Steve Oles, FAIA regular influence became a visual and theory sounding board for the growing portfolio of artworks. The life long friendship with MJ Neal, FAIA (2008 AIA National Award for Interiors) and his incredible architectural works created imaginary canvases for integrating art with architecture. Ongoing discussions with Andrzej Zarzycki over the years brought the confidence that a company devoted to manufacturing architectural and interiors products based on the concept of New Media Art was not only feasible but sorely needed within the building industry.

Liquidoranges STUDIO officially opened for business in 2008 at the beginning of The Great Recession. The studio began by developing carpet and tableware concepts from Reese Schroeder's electronic artworks, studying how the art could be interpreted as usable things while protecting its integrity as art. Working with manufacturers from around the world, these ideas were presented as prototypes in 2009 at the Boston Design Center where liquidoranges held its first Open House. The liquidoranges rugs World Premiere presentation was in Dubai, UAE at the 2009 Domotex UAE show. At the studio Open House in Boston, Reese displayed a large sheet of glass with an artwork applied as a film. The film was not successful as it was exposed to damage, and was ultimately not as optically clear as was hoped. A lot of excitement was generated by the idea of being able to create a permanent artwork in glass that could be incorporated into architecture and interiors. A partner of Reese in the glass business proposed laminating the artwork between glass, as an architectural safety glass. After much testing and some failures along the way, a successful series of test panels were produced and presented in November 2009 at Build Boston, the architectural trade show promoted by the Boston Society of Architects.

The hard work began to pay off in 2013 when the studio won five ADEX awards, four platinum and one silver, for laminated art glass products. Reese Schroeder's artwork also received recognition at the 2013 PAC national juried exhibition curated by the Rhode Island School of Design museum curator. Two years later and another two ADEX platinum awards in 2015.

In 2016 Reese is invited to exhibit for the "Color" national juried exhibition at the PAC, juried by Dominic Molon, Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Out of 750 works submitted from around the USA, 65 were selected for the exhibition. Five Honorable Mentions, four Named Awards, and four Top Awards, Reese's work originally created for an art glass project entitled "082415 - Metabolic Transformations" received 3rd Place in the Top Awards.
There's no shortage of ideas. Its more about what is real, what is appropriate, what will work best for the specific application. I walk through life in living "Technicolor", where everything is interconnected through an artists freedom held to task by an architect's designed order. Complexity is resolved through simplicity. Chaos is celebrated through order. Those things we're taught to never combine, actually go together. Digital production through handmade methodologies. Old world ideologies executed through technology.
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