Awards and Recognition
liquidoranges Publication
liquidoranges Publication
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Reese Schroeder is fortunate over the years to be recognized for the unique creativity he brings to collectors, architects and designers.

2013 - Art Glass Ceiling


2013 - Art Glass Counter Top


2013 - Art Glass Flooring


2013 - Art Glass for Interiors


2013 - Illuminated Art Glass


2015 - Art Glass Wall

2016 Antonio Cirino Award
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2018 - Art Glass Panel with Stand

2015 - Illuminated Art Glass Panels

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2018 - Limited Edition Artworks in Print
US GLASS Magazine,
"Refining Art", April 2014, by Megan Headley;
Decorative glass technologies are discussed, reviewing liquidoranges STUDIO's use of digitally exposed interlayer versus direct digital printing on glass with ceramics.

US GLASS Magazine,
"Size Matters", July 2012, by Ellen Rogers:
Decorative Glass Shines in Small-Scale Applications.

GANA Decorative Glass Booth, NeoCon 2012

HOSPITALITY DESIGN, "Functional Art", November 2011

Best of NEOCON entry 2010
"Laminated Art Glass Flooring"

Guest Critic, Rhode Island School of Design, 2005-07
Guest Critic, Northeastern University, Masters Studio, 2008
Guest Critic, Boston Architectural College, 1988 - 2008

Publication: Form-Z Joint Study Journal 15, "Digital Intentions Explorations and Accidents", Guest Editor for Andrzej Zarzycki, 2008