Frequently Asked Questions
Questions posted here come from past inquiry. We'll most likely add more in the future to help communicate what we can do.
Q. Does liquidoranges produce other's artworks in glass?
A. We do on occasion. Our primary focus is on the production of our own artwork in glass.

Q. Do you have a local Rep?
A. We're just now looking into being represented to the architectural and interiors community.

Q. How do I work with liquidoranges STUDIO?
A. Send us an introductory email describing what you're thinking about. We can respond from there and get the ball rolling. And don't worry. You're under no obligation.

Q. What is a typical working relationship?
A. There are a couple of ways we work. Often, we create the artwork, manage the production, and coordinate freight to your project site. Our cost is inclusive of all this. Other times, we create the artwork for sale only. Depending on what we are creating for you the process may vary. No worries as we'll go through the options that best work for you.

Q. Do you sell your artwork as seen on your website?
A. Check out our ETSY store. Many works are available for purchase as numbered series in print for framing. Email us with your interest and we can advise you on what is available, size requests, etc.

Q. How large can you make your glass?
A. As big as you need. Our glass panel limitations are approximately 6' x 14'. We prefer to work in panel sizes less than 4' x 9' because of the limitations of our artwork interlayer. Larger panel widths require seaming of the artwork which may result in visible hairline joints.

Q. How large can you make your rugs?
A. Our weaver can do entire rooms, wall to wall.

Q. What about small jobs?
A. If its about art, count us in! If its something we just can't do, we may be able to help you find other ways for your project to move forward.